Max and his Big Imagination: Five book collection - Volume 2

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♥♥♥♥♥ These stories are cute and imaginative. Fun stories like this are sure to inspire kids to want to learn to read so they can go on fun adventures inside of books!

Max is a little boy with a huge imagination, his adventures are to encourage and inspire children to use their imagination wherever they are!

This five book collection includes:

The Moon: Max is playing in his treehouse which is surrounded with planets and all things space. Max puts on his astronaut helmet and suddenly finds himself having an adventure on the Moon!

The Cave: Max makes a cave at home with blankets and faces his fear of being scared of the dark by meeting some nocturnal friends in his imagination and playing hide and seek.

The Bee: Max is afraid of a bee in the garden and finds himself on an exciting adventure with the bee to find out how important they really are for our environment.

The Bath: Max is having a bath adventure with his toys and realises with your imagination bath time can be a lot of fun.

The Wind: Max is scared by the sound of the wind outside and with the help of his imagination and a very special birthday party, realises that wind is not longer scary.

Max is a little boy with a huge imagination! When you are little the world can be a scary and exciting place, everything is new. The small things can be very overwhelming.

Max’s Imagination adventures are to encourage using your imagination even in the smallest of

situations that children can identify with.

Studies show how Imagination play or make believe is extremely important for a child’s development:

  • Fosters creativity and promotes physical development
  • Helps to develop languages and social skills
  • Boosts development of Problem solving and self regulation skills
  • as well as confidence in new situations
  • Emotional growth, as a child’s brain grows they learn all emotions and feelings can be overwhelming, imagination play is crucial for this.

Imagination play has been proven to reduce anxiety, increase social awareness, self confidence and problem solving.

Which are strong attributes to carry into adulthood.

Grab a copy of this amazing volume collection today!

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