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Mouse Adventures: Home is Where the Heart is

Loud hiccups fill the air, from a furry mouse. Now his cover is blown, as lights illuminate the house. What will the furry mouse do now? He’s stayed hidden all this time and now he might be found. This delightfully captivating children’s story is written in rhyme, and suitable for ages 0-7 years. It’s the first story in a series of Mouse Adventures.

Lucy the Ballerina

Follow Lucy the Ballerina throughout her day and discover all the things she loves. But what does Lucy love the most?

The Green Fairy

Bring the magic of fairies into your home with The Green Fairy Augmented Reality Book!

Find out how The Green Fairy came to live at the traffic lights in The Big Little City. As you read her story in this beautifully illustrated hardback book, use your iPad to bring The Green Fairy to life in Augmented Reality! She lies down on pages, jumps excitedly, flies around and even points at the words as she reads with you!