Elemental Heroes

Elemental Heroes: Copper Calamities

Queen Gold has requested help from the world leaders to stop the unrest that is happening in Elemental Land.

Twins Sophie and Joey are chosen for this mission that will take them into the dangerous world where the elements, such as gold, iron, hydrogen and sulphur, live.

This time it is the coppers who are causing problems. They have kidnapped a young hydrogen and are demanding a ransom, but then they come up with the hair-brained idea of going into the human world to steal the Statue of Liberty for an even larger reward. Can Sophie and Joey stop their crazy plans?

Joey has the knowledge, Sophie has impressive powers of deduction, and their sword-fighting skills are exceptional. But will this be enough against coppers who can recycle themselves whenever they feel like it, and who have questionable taste in jokes?

An action-packed, imaginative read that brings the world of everyday elements wonderfully to life!

Perfect for children 7 to 12 years.

Coming to 2025

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