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Max and his Big Imagination – box set collection available now

Its been almost four years and I am so excited to launch my first box set available in our store. Max, who has been inspired by my nephew and my son, has a huge imagination. His adventures are to encourage and inspire our little ones to use their imagination! This box set has 5 fun books. The Beach, The Safari, The Race Car, The Sandpit and the newest book, The Shadow.Enjoy! ​- Chrissy x

EDUCATION: The importance of the ‘middle reader’ years for creating lifelong readers

Karen the very talented Author of Elastic Island has written a brilliant article about books for our middle readers. An extract is below but you can check out the fill link here.​I was ten years old when I first fell in love with books, and I remember the excitement of reading a novel that I couldn’t put down, The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe by C.S. Lewis, and then the entire Narnia series. I read, and reread these books, before going on to discover other authors and worlds of escape. It created a lifelong love of reading which has led to me being a published author of fourteen books. I’m best known where I live in New Zealand,...

Bring your Books alive with our New Augmented Reality Book – The Green Fairy!

Its been another exciting week in our Duckling house! The Green Fairy has come on board and is ready for Pre-orders!So what is the Green Fairy about? And what is Augmented Reality?  The Story ​ Have you ever wondered why the traffic lights glow? The story revolves around adventures of the Green Fairy and the Red Fairy, who secretly live inside a traffic light. The fairy species naturally glows at night, and in our modern times they need to find a place to remain unseen from the lurking Fairy Catchers, who typically hunt them down in the forest. With her green glow, the Green Fairy lets the cars go, while the Red Fairy makes them stop.From the Author: ‘Parents tell me that after...